How Can I Stop My Toddler From Climbing?

Toddlers want to explore the world around them and they are not afraid of heights. Some toddlers absolutely love to climb and will try to climb on anything.

You can stop your toddler from climbing by removing the temptation. If they always try to climb on the same toys or pieces of furniture, put these items away. Your toddler will stop climbing if they cannot find anything to climb on. Move furniture around so your toddler can’t use them as steps to get on top of a table or another piece of furniture.

Discipline is also necessary. You can stop your toddler by saying┬áno with a firm voice whenever they start climbing on something. Make eye contact with them and do not give up until they climb down. If saying ‘No!’ is not enough, consider using time out whenever your toddler climbs.

Your toddler is probably climbing on everything because they love it. Provide them with a safe place where they can have fun and climb on things. You could for instance take your toddler to a park with a jungle gym or create a fun obstacle course in your living room or in your yard. Your toddler will be less likely to try to climb on things they are not supposed to be on if they have a safe place for the activity they love.

It is normal for your toddler to want to explore the world around them, including climbing on things. Supervision and discipline are the best ways to stop your toddler from climbing on things, and you should also make a few changes to your home so that your toddler has less things to climb. Look for a place where your toddler can safely explore climbing, such as at a local park.