Mar 14

Indoor Rock Climbing Basics : Advanced Techniques for Indoor Rock Climbing

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Feb 14

Purdy students climbing to all new heights

Over the course of the past fifteen years, Jeff Jensen, the physical education teacher, has formulated an Adventure Education team at the Purdy Elementary School to build up students mental, physical, emotional and social skills. For 3 to 4 week climbing unit, the students of Fort Atkinson have a scope to take part in a block of climbing experience in the gymnasium, depending on their own abilities.

Jensen stated that this is a self motivating and self guided class. Everyone is working. And they do not have too many students standing in the line messing around. They are all busy and that is really awesome.

Every class period, students are instructed to two different climbing levels. Jeff has established different levels of achievement in the unit  black, green, red, blue, orange, yellow and white. In every unit, the students must finish certain tasks, do some push-ups, show an ability to accomplish certain heights and learn a specific knot tying exercise.

The Black level offers students permit to go up anything they look for in the gym. Jeff stated that this is like a VIP pass. He agreed that students who reach that lever are elite climbers. In 5th grade, in a class of twenty five pupil, 7  8 people would make it to the black level.

Jeff added that this is how he set the system up to meet the requirements of the lowest level climbers to most advanced.

Feb 14

Campbell and Roxy being interviewed at the 2012 World Youth Climbing Championships on ifsc.tv

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Jan 14

Bear’s amazing climbing skills

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Dec 13

Carabiner’s Indoor Rock Climbing Gym Fairfield, CT Tour

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Dec 13

Nine year old California boy set to climb Mount Aconcagua

Nine year old California boy Tyler Armstrong is all set climb Argentina’s Mount Aconcagua in December. He expects to register a brand new record with this. When he was just seven years old, he climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Whitney.

Recently, while speaking to a leading news channel, he told that climbing mountains takes a lots and lots of training. He had to do ice climbing training, so that he could stop himself if he slides down the mountain.

The 9 year old from California is already fixing his boots to register a new record by reaching the peak of the highest mountain in the Western Hemisphere next month. The 4th grader told a news channel that he is also doing abdominal exercises.

Such a safeguard might be more of a required than anything with Armstrong and his dad Kevin Armstrong, who would accompany him, expected to meet temperatures of approximately -4 degrees Fahrenheit during their 2 week long climb of the Mount Aconcagua, which is called the “Colossus of America.”

Kevin Armstrong told the news channel that he would never put his kid in danger. There are dangers to climbing any mountain. He is taken the right training, and he has proven that he could do it. Tyler still have to prove h is ability to the local court in Argentina where minimum age for mountain climbing starts at 14. However, Kevin does not see that as a huge threat.

Nov 13

Wat he do best climb climb climb

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Nov 13

Tour of The Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym Sydney Australia Climbfind com

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Oct 13

official webclip European Climbing Championships 2010

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